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Undergoing a dental exam at least twice a year is one of the easiest ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In addition, they present an opportunity to build a relationship with your dentist, ask questions, and receive education. At Savannah Dental in Savannah, Georgia, the team of expert dentists provides dental exams for people of all ages. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation online, or call the office to speak with a caring staff member today.

Dental Exam Q & A

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is a routine screening procedure used to assess your oral health and well-being. Many common problems, including tooth decay and gum disease, have very few symptoms early on. This means you might be at risk and not realize it. 

A dental exam can also provide insights into your physical health. Many chronic conditions like leukemia, diabetes, and immune system disorders trigger the onset of oral diseases. Therefore, regular checkups can alert you to potentially serious conditions.

What happens during a dental exam?

At Savannah Dental, a dental exam features several steps, including:

Oral health assessment

During an oral health assessment, the team uses a small, handheld mirror to carefully observe all areas of your mouth, including your teeth, gums, and tongue. If they detect cavities, gum disease, or an oral abscess, they can make additional recommendations for treatment.

Oral X-rays

Oral X-rays allow the team to see detailed pictures of your tooth roots, jaws, and alveolar bone. X-rays can also detect impacted teeth or other issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

The team at Savannah Dental has several advanced diagnostic imaging tools on-site, including a panoramic X-ray machine and a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner, which provides highly detailed three-dimensional images. The type of X-ray you receive depends on your age and oral health history.

Professional teeth cleaning

During professional teeth cleaning, a dental hygienist gently removes plaque and tartar from underneath your gum line and the surfaces of your teeth. Afterward, they polish your teeth with gritty toothpaste, floss your teeth, and apply a fluoride treatment if appropriate. 

A professional teeth cleaning goes much further than brushing and flossing at home, ensuring your teeth and gums remain healthy and problem-free. 

How often should I schedule a dental exam?

The team at Savannah Dental recommends you schedule a dental exam once every six months. Regular check-ups ensure issues like tooth decay and gum disease are caught early on, before they result in gum recession, tooth loss, or other serious problems.

If you have a history of periodontal disease or a chronic health problem like diabetes or heart disease, more frequent checkups may be necessary. Following a consultation, the team can make recommendations that align with your needs.

Don’t wait to schedule a dental exam at Savannah Dental. Book a consultation online, or call the office to speak with a caring member of the administrative team today. 

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