How a Great Smile Can Transform Your Life


When you smile, you look and feel good. Smiling is contagious - studies have found that it’s harder to frown when you see someone smiling. In short, smiling has the potential to make others around you look good and feel good, too. 

At Savannah Dental, our aim is not just to take care of your teeth. We want to enhance the quality of our patients’ lives. We’ve seen the significant difference a confident smile and positive outcome can generate for our patients, so we want to share some of those outcomes here on the blog. 

Smiling transcends language. It’s the universal sign of happiness. 

No one needs to translate a smile, which is the most universally recognized facial expression. This is great news for travelers! Smiling is an understated way to communicate with others. Even our pets seem to know when we’re smiling and what it means. 

Paul Ekman, the world’s leading expert on facial expressions, discovered that smiles have the same meaning in different societies. A smile is also one of the most basic expressions of all humans. 

Smiles score dates

There’s plenty of research to support the knowledge that a confident smile can do wonders for all of the relationships in your life, but it can also help your dating profile get more buzz. 

Dr. Jess Carbino, the in-house sociologist for dating app Bumble, stated, “Smiling makes such a significant difference” in whether people receive a right swipe or not. 

Similarly, when the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel analyzed 300 dating profiles, they found that yes, smiling in your profile photo does make a huge difference in how many “likes” you get. 

Level up your career 

According to this study, an authentic smile helped workers appear more friendly and competent. It doesn’t hurt that customer satisfaction also went up when they were served by a worker who smiled. 

The happiness that comes from a smile can boost a career in other ways, too. This study found that happier workers are more productive. And when it comes to job interviews, smiling can make you more likeable - which can make you a much stronger candidate for the job. Smiling can help diffuse a wrong answer or convey humor if a situation should call for it during an interview.

And when it comes to salary negotiations, smiling conveys the messages that you are sure of yourself, friendly, and easygoing in negotiations. 

Open up your opportunities 

A good smile can also enhance the social and professional opportunities available to you. People unanimously agree that people who smile are more approachable. Smiling ultimately helps you make friends, talk to clients, and get dates. Increased social capital is correlated with increased earnings over the course of one’s career. 

A welcoming disposition can open doors beyond imagination. 

Smiling is a mood booster 

As it turns out, our facial expressions can actually influence our mood - and that includes smiling. The muscles in the face either reinforce or transform our emotions. Recent studies have revealed that through the enhancement of positive emotions with facial expressions, a person’s mood can begin to align more strongly with the emotion their face is communicating (like a smile). 

Researchers have also found that smiling can reduce stress!

Find out what Savannah Dental can do for your smile

We offer a full range of smile-enhancing procedures that will make you want to show off your smile to the world. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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